The Constitution

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The Constitution of The Canadian Community Project INC. 


1 Every community must have 3 councils.

The Governing Council

The legal Council

The Spiritual Council                                                                                                                                      The Recreational Council(optional) 

1.1 All councils would be open to male and female members and have no more or less than 8 members of the community on each council. Council members are not exempt from holding a regular work position within communities and must adhere to their standard work week of up to 40 hours per week. People cannot run for general council unless they are a manager or manager in training.                                                                                                                                  

1.2 Each community is responsible to train enough managers to produce 5 new communities every 12- 18 months 

2 The Governing Council has the authority to handle funds or trade outside of the community for the benefit of that community

2.1 The council must have over 80 percent of votes or higher to pass any laws or rules for each community under its jurisdiction. All council members must agree to bring the new law to a vote.

2.2 Should a stalemate arise and no agreement can be reached, a new vote could be scheduled for an agreed upon date in the future. Should a stalemate occur more than 3 times a new election would be called. The council would vote to throw out the motion and agree to reconvene at a later date.

2.3 Two representatives would present the motion, one explaining its benefits to the community in question and the other representative would explain the disadvantages. Each representative would

be expected to act in a mature, civilized, self-composed manner during the presentation. 

3 The Legal Council would have the authority to judge offenses within the community.

The council could only do 1 of 2 things:

– Either sentence a person to do community service hard labor

– OR they can banish the member and give information to the RCMP outside of the community if the severity of the crime would warrant it.

3.1 Each community must elect a sheriff. He or she would be authorized to assign their own deputies.

3.2 Officers would need a warrant obtained from the legal council prior to searching the home of a community member.

3.3 Harassment of community members by officers would not be tolerated. The officers would, however, have the authority to check bags going in and out of the community. Bags would be repacked by the sheriff or deputies.

3.4 Each community would train security officers for exterior defense only. They would keep watch at all times to protect members from wild animals and people with the intent to harm.

3.5 Every member over the age of 18, male and female, would undergo security training.

3.6 Security officers would be responsible to the Justice Council. If the legal council were not available then the Governing Council or the sheriff would take charge. 

4 The Spiritual Council would adopt an inter-faith approach respecting all faiths. They would ensure that any preaching takes place only within the house of worship.

4.1 Elections would be held every 5 years for all councils.

4.2 Once elected a council member could not run again for 10 years so they would skip an election in order to give all community members who wish to run for election an opportunity to do so.

4.3 Council members would still be expected to maintain their 10- 40-hour work week at their assigned jobs.

4.4 Council membership would not be a full-time position. This would fall under the jurisdiction of the Head Governing Council as well as the career counselors.

4.5 No one would be exempt from labor unless they would be on medical disability or if there were no work left to do for the day.                                                                                                            

4.6 Recreational Council- If this council is put in place, they must organize all community events outside of meals, church, and training for people to come together for community events and activities. 

5 Working hours / Health

5.1 All retired members would only have to work half the hours of the others and no one would be placed where they were not suited.

For example, the career counselor could find a person with bad knees work that he could do that would not necessitate his standing for prolonged periods. We would likely put people in a teaching position, or other position based on their abilities.

5.2 If someone could not work due to ill health, we the community would take care of this person’s needs. 

6 Membership

6.1 All members would sign and understand the Constitution before joining.

6.2 If a prospective member can’t read, the Constitution would be read out to him or her in the presence of a council member, a career counselor, sheriff, recruiter or another authority figure in the community. 


7 Careers

7.1 All communities would have at least one career counselor and this could be a full-time position.

7.1 The role of the career counselor would be to place people where they are best suited or to temporarily fill in some other function where they are needed and would be placed into their chosen career at some more convenient time. The career counselor would also reassign a member who was not satisfied with their present assignment.

7.2 If necessary, the counselor would allow stress leave before reassignment. 

8 The Foundership Role 

Founding Member- A founding member is anyone who was on the council that was created to start the first communities. 

Foundership Members- A foundership member is any person who donated a sufficient amount of money to make the project work  

8.1 The Community Founders would not be permitted to run for election to any council in any community. They would, however, be permitted to form a Founder’s Council but could not interfere with any politics unless a council was corrupted and then they could call for a new election.

8.2 The highest position these people could hold is diplomat and career counselor. The Founder’s Council could appoint the first council to any new community that is built. 

9 All laws would be simple and to the point. The basic laws of every community would be as follows:

9.1 The exchange of currency between community members would be prohibited.

9.2 All adult community members would have the right to vote on issues that concern them.

9.3 Intimidation, in order to sway votes, would be prohibited.

9.4 Murder and homicide would be prohibited and punishable by the appropriate authorities.

9.5 No bullying

9.6 No rape. Any sexual activity must be between consenting parties only.

9.7 No Stealing, fraud, blackmail

9.8 Racial, religious, non-religious, political, or cultural bigotry will not be tolerated. 


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